Addicts is our Facebook Group, once you place an order you are eligible to join.

Each week we run a game called the Gauntlet, you choose numbers and earn points which you can redeem for prizes.

We give out Casino Chips in addict orders which you can use to play games during our casino night including the Fruit Machine, Lady Luck and Roulette for the chance to win goodies.

At various times during the year we host week long events where participants join a team and take part in games, fun and networking to be crowned the winners.

Our top 10 contributors are entered into a draw to win a notebook with the option of buying extras in the matching theme each month.

Our members are hugely supportive of others and have gained friendships, business connections and sales just by being active, helpful and kind.

Because of the dedication they show to the group we now offer SJA and Event merch.

Addicts are also the first to hear about new products, events, discounts and any other news.