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As a brand rep you'll get a unique discount code to give out to people. Each time someone orders using your code you'll earn £1 credit. Once you reach £5 we'll issue you with a voucher code to use on the website, you'll also be able to select one free gift from our brand rep page.

We'll add you to our rep Facebook group too!

As an extra incentive we'll be doing Rep of the Month, which will be a free box of surprise goodies worth at least £10 at the end of each month.

If this is something you'd be interested, please fill in the form below. Someone will be in touch if you've been successful.

Please note; we receive a high volume of requests and we can't accept everyone. But we love you for your interest and really appreciate you recommending us.

Brand Rep Application
Have you ordered from SJ before?
We expect our brand reps to actively give out their codes and participate in the program. Is this something we can expect you to take seriously?