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There are lots of schemes where you can recommend a friend or person you know for all sorts of things. But what about yourself? What if people don't recognise you're struggling, what if you don't want to burden them or are scared?

It's not wrong to want something to bring you some joy. So that's where Nominate Me comes in. Every month we'll be sending 5 freebies out to people who need them. All you need to do is fill in the form below, for yourself! Feel free to nominate somebody else too, but don't be afraid to use it for you. Cause you matter.

All we ask is that you use this form only if you really need it. There are people all over the world struggling every day, if you're totally fine and just want something for free we ask you don't fill this in. You could be taking something away from someone who needs the smile more than you.

At the beginning of each month we'll create 5 parcels up and send them at random to people who have sent us a message below. You don't need to share it on social media, you don't need to do anything but enjoy it with our hope that it makes things a bit brighter.

Don't be afraid to use this.

"I'm only struggling a little bit"

"Someone may need it more"


If you've ever just hidden in a room for a little cry, been stressed out with work or family or life, someone is poorly, you have a chronic illness, you are lonely, anything in your life you find hard, then please, use this.

Nominate Me